The International Dance Festival is organised by the Friends of the Arts Foundation


The friends-of-the-Arts foundation, the Bangkok Metropolitan AdministrationsOffice of Contemporary Art and Culture (Ministry of Culture): UNESCO (Bangkok) invite ‘Cultural Partners’ and ‘Main Sponsors’ to participate in the 14th Anniversary of the  ‘International Dance Festival’ 2014 during 21st  Nov – 7th Dec ~ ‘Connecting Asean’.

We take this opportunity to remind our potential ‘Cultural Partners’ and ‘Main Sponsors’ of the mission and background of the friends-of-the-Arts foundation which organizes the annual “International Dance Festival” of Thailand.

‘Cultural Partners’ (such as any one of the (120) diplomatic missions (i.e. Embassies and consular offices in Thailand)Alliance Française: British Council: Goethe Institute: Indian Cultural Centre: Japanese Foundation: local and international schools!). i.e. countries with diplomatic representative relationships with the Kingdom of Thailand). Many of our ‘’Cultural Partners’  are Government Organisations, NGOs, Charitable Organisations i.e. both ‘profit / non-profit organization’ ! Not all ‘Cultural Partners’ are non-profit organisations, this is not a major criteria: what we look for from ‘Cultural Partners’ is the sincere commitment, contribution to the overall success of the ‘foundation mission’.

The Mission:

The friends-of-the-Arts foundation (a self-supporting non-profit entity) is a registered foundation since 2005 and registered as a fully fledged public charitable foundation no. 1698 since 2008, We educate, nurture and excite interest in performing arts among general public and young talented throughout the Kingdom’. For further information see our friends-of-the-Arts website,  and our facebook page Please feel free to contact us directly should you desire further clarification on any issues.

In staging the annual ‘International Dance Festival’ the friends-of-the-Arts foundation works with various ‘Cultural Partners’ and ‘Main Sponsors’.