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The G.D.O. has always been active in spreading the culture with high-quality projects, that ‘wink’ to the public to be involved in a direct way and entertain through an original and light style, but deep.

Il G.D.O. sperimenta infatti nuovi linguaggi di comunicazione pur mantenendosi attento alla tradizione e con i suoi spettacoli riesce a interessare e emozionare il pubblico, grazie a un modo d’esprimersi semplice e vero ma anche altamente poetico.

The G.D.O. in fact esperiences new forms of communication languages while remaining attentive to tradition and with its shows is able to interest and excite the audience, thanks to a simple way to express himself but also highly poetic and true.

Energy, playfulness and lyricism are skillfully blended, between tradition and innovation.

THE PROJECT OFclip_image002

New choreographic staging of a project born from the ‘botega dance company’ experience with the idea of the artistic director of the G.D.O., Patrizia Salvatori, to revive the Opera and Bel Canto national heritage that you all envy in Europe and overseas, in a ironic, light, effective, ‘updated’ way , but with great technical skill and quality detectable.


Many many countries have collected over the years this nice challenge and ‘PARACASOSCIA’ (title used so far) has been replicated more than 135 times with success and enjoyment of various audiences from Brazil to the United States from Jordan to Europe, from italian different regions to Thailand and even at the EXPO in South Korea, as a symbol of Italy at the ceremony of passing-shipments from Korea to Italy in preparation for EXPO2015.

Verdi, Ponchielli, Bellini, Donizetti, Rossini, Puccini, a list of authors from the immortal melodies that bring to life the fiery years of history, eventful, prolific creativity and eccels works, which are the glory of our Bel Paese.


All are remembered by “HOPERA“, new choreographic staging 2014, that with all due respect but also with the wit of young people is celebrating the Bel Canto. With acrobatics, freestyle raids, the incredible twists gestures, the necessary folly and nonsense that the choreographers Galimberti, Di Luzio and De Virgiliis for years performers in Botega Dance Company, have created this new ‘jewel’ reborn after a super upgrade (the first edition of the work was even in 2008!), reinvented even more appealing and destined to become the ‘evidence’ of the Company.

From the glances, from the public, from the energy that flows in the exchange between the audience and the artists on stage, was born that thing ‘special’ that makes this group of artists gathered again in 2014 under the GDO, with the new name of clip_image012, is all that effervescence, the artistic generosity, that desire to contaminate and be contaminated, the Italian excellence that will convey the ‘made ​​in Italy’ image with honor abroad.

The ‘feature’ of the Company is indeed more than ever the contamination between the stylistic techniques, especially after a couple of years of study and discussion in contemporary area, there is a great desire to reshape the geography of style that is new, which expresses the moments of experimentation and research that are part of the continuous build up of each dancer.


Once again it’s the winning combination of tradition / innovation that will define the clip_image018, the thin fil rouge that appears to be its enchantment: to agree the young with old people, all caught up and swept away by the energy and the undoubted provocation however, only used to build and never to destroy.

clip_image020HOPERA” new construction in 2014, wants to be a firework, a comic strip that sometimes enthralls you in the romantic and sentimental Opera atmosphere, but that just has rapt you that lash you with the next picture in a succession of moods and situations such as in a live film, which takes you smiling back to everyday life.

In the male-dominated cast, characteristic note of the Company, which sees only two female dancers and as many as six male dancers, very different lines, gestures and physicality but very homogeneous in the production of choral work that harmonizes and integrates the virtuosity. his year has a significant presence in Cesare Scarton, refined and innovative director of Operas, who will give his masterful touch at the work.


Essential, as with all productions of the Company, is the involvement of the territory, which reaffirms the value of culture as a common good, made up of creative residencies or intensive workshops in which engage the young people to reach the show after a ‘real’ experimentation of the technique, of the ‘people-artists’ who make up the cast, of the spectacular moment as formative and essential to the growth of the human-citizen.

The show “HOPERA” is therefore preferably preceded by an intensive workshop in which to learn about and experience the artistic language of the Company, including possibly creating a brief piece to offer to public.



Braco Filippo

De Virgiliis Mattia

Di Luzio Francesco

Ferrarini Andrea

Galimberti Federica

Ragni Laura

Toti Daniele










Hopera supported by The Embassy of Italy , Bangkok as part of Italian Festival


Tickets available from Thai Ticket Major here

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