Physical Poetry # meeting – 4th Dec 2:30pm

‘Physical poetry # meeting’

Friday 4th December @ 19.00hrs
Sunday 6th December @ 14.30 hrs

4th Fl. Bangkok Art and Culture Centre



 By Ulrich Gottlieb (Munich / Germany)  and Mira Kratochwil (Vienna / Austria)

a poetic contemplation about moments of #meeting. Investigating  values of respect, compassion, responsibility, risk, joy, sensuality and changes in context of modern everyday life. Physical poetry #meeting is a fresh contemporary performance with elements of dance/poetry, 1 dancer and 1 poet meeting in a space during dusk, time of transition into a dreamscape. a dialogue starts. They do not know where the conversation goes. Poetic  movement and poetic text interweaving into a flow of moment. The audience is witnessing the formation and volatilization of a physical poetry. What will happen next, right now in this moment? In our modern time where social media tools keeps people often apart from each rather than bring them together, physical poetry #meeting shows how more powerful, notorious and magical being together and present in the moment in same space and breath still can be.

Mira Kratochwil, born in 1992, Vienna, Austria.

Bachelor degree in contemporary and classical dance at the private university conservatory Vienna in 2010 – 2014.graduated university with honours in 2014.

Work with choreographers as Esther Balfe, Georg Blaschke, ElioGervasi, Hubert Lepka, AkosHargitay and Nicole Berndt Caccivio.


2013 el zoht, choreographed by Sayedlabib.

2013 Independence  by Christina medina.

2014, member of the dance company Cuba tropicana Vienna.

2014 dancer and singer in „a summer night dream a deconstruction“ withspielraumensemble Graz.

2015 resonant complex, by Japanese butoh dancer and choreographer Yumiko Yoshioka .

2015 physical poetry: meeting (dance/poetry with Ulrich Gottlieb.

Ulrich Gottlieb,

German physical theatre conceptualist, performer & teacher, visual artist,  writer.

mime& physical theatre self-trained and by Werner Müller, Nurnberg &Hiro Uchiyama, Paris.

Taichi& qigong trained by limcheechoon, penang ,Malaysia and Chen liangyao

Performances/ collaborations with dancers, painters and musicians:

„zazou“ by jeromesavary, bavarian state theatre, Munich Germany

„iosogniodunquepiu” metropol theatre Munich Germany, by yvonnepouget

International street art festival, Linz Austria

International puppet theatre festival, Hydra Greece

Mira Kratochwil will conduct workshop on 29th Nov and 5th 16.30hrs

Ulrich Gottlieb will conduct workshop on Sun 6th Dec. at 15.30

Supported by Goethe Institut and Bundeskanzleramt Austria


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Price 600, 1,200 and 1,800 Baht

50% Discount ticket for student under 22 years old available at friends-of-the-Arts Contact us at

Tel: 090 9072883-4, 085 100 3050

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