Young Choreographer Showcase

Young Choreographer Showcase

Saturday 21st November 2:30pm
4th fl Bangkok Arts and Culture Center



Performance’s name: Shooting Stars

Choreographer/ performer: Wissuta Duangsri

Music: Poem ‘Shooting Stars’ by Carol Ann Duffy, Recited by Paola Lindo

Synopsis: A movement interpretation of a poem called ‘Shooting Stars’ by Carol Ann Duffy. The poem revolves around a Nazi concentration camp and all the suffering that the jewish people went through. It looks at how although there are people suffering in the world, other parts of the world can go on without suffering.


Performance’s name: Reverie

Choreographer name: Emmy Khawsam-ang

Music:Quintette No. 1 – Dustin O’Halloran

Synopsis: Reverie – a state of being lost in one’s thoughts. Even when we are with others, we are still lost in our own solitudes.

Duration:   3:19

Number of performer:  2


Performer’s Name: Emmy Khawsam-ang, Carina de Vries

Performance’s name: Embrace

Choreographer & Performer:Anand (Boon) Wongpaisan

Music: -Firestone ft. Conrad Sewell -Firestone ft. Conrad Sewell (Acoustic Live)

Synopsis: In today’s society, most of us naturally compare us individuals to one another. Some of us fail to realize that those who we are comparing are rather on the opposite sides of the spectrum or rather very different. If we allow ourselves to rethink and consider the fact that some individuals possess traits that others do not, we can accept and see the value of that person for whom he/she is. It is then, that you will see why it is ok to be different.

Duration: 3:07 minutes


Performance’s name:Audio/Visual/Arts

Director name / Choreographer name: “Haste” SompongLeartvimolkasame

Company: 360ARTz Dance Company

Music:  Play live by Clarinet and Thai instruments (Sor-Ou,Perng-mang)

Synopsis:The way that dancers communicate to audiences is nonverbal communication by body language to perform in visual arts. They also use music which is audio art to help communicating with audiences. As a contemporary dancer, I use music in performance for inspiring myself and audiences to deliver and receive the messages from the show. In live performance, we use bands to perform music for dancers. Somehow, music doesn’t affect much with the performance or couldn’t be able to put an impact to audiences and dancers. Most of performances do not put the band on spot, even though it’s live: ballet, movements affect the performance for over 60 percent; opera, music affect the performance over 60 to 70 percent as well. I believe that we can put both things on the same spot. Like, 100 percent and 100 percent. This piece is all about putting audio art and visual art together, put them in a same spot, put them in a same direction. Dancers and Musicians have to learn how to create the performance in the same way. Above all that I also put a painter to summarize the performance by painting.
Objective of the performance is to experiment finding the best way to deliver the fullest visual arts and audio arts to the audiences by contemporary audiovisual arts. For people who has no ideas about Butoh, this performance will give you a very smooth introduction and a very intense hardcore advance lesson at the same time.

Duration:      45 mins

Number of performer: 7


Performer’s Name:TanakornSanvaraphipu, KridPrarom, Sathanthorn Proramattamasakol, PattanaKerdpeng, NattamongkolBoonmapitakku, VittavatKornmaneeroj, Ruksiney Acalasawamak

Performance’s name: Tae Joon Kim

Director name / Choreographer:           Jaleea Price/ Tae Joon Kim

Music: I See Fire- Ed Sheeran

Synopsis:This choreography is a story of my own life in an abstract way going against my own thought and my own life goals as everything weighs me down. This is also a piece that talks about my family’s expectation and society’s expectation as both compares me to someone that I am not. For example, my family compares me to my brother while society compares me to a successful and rich man.

Spine Party Movement 2015 Season


Amplitude: Freedom of the Soul (25 mins)

“Amplitude” means the maximum of a wave. In physics, we say every happening in the universe is “a perturbation from equilibrium”, in other words, a “wave”. So is life. “Amplitude: Freedom of the Soul” operates on the premise that life is a dance; it already is. Mind-body is a duality. The main task of the performers in “Amplitude” is to observe, to ride on and amplify this energy to free themselves from limitations–physical, mental, and perhaps the most brutal, social, all by the simple yet challenging act of observing and listening.

In the process of Amplitude, we meditate walking. We notice a source of energy in the body, that buzzy feeling that was there even when you are at rest or sleeping. That inner self is still working to keep you alive. That heat like the magma inside the center of the earth that can readily erupt out into the crust. We connect and amplify this energy. We source our movement by listening to the spinal mechanics, the “temple” of the nervous system and skeletal support. We also inquire into the cavities and the liquid body inside us for music. We allow these sounds to echo in this internal space so that our body becomes an instrument, a perceptive one that responds acutely to each other and our environment. We let our waves of existence emanates, makes space and creates imagination…to become free–the only way we can survive in this demanding world.

อาณาจักรKingdom (30 mins…will be developed further into a 45-60 mins piece in January 2016)

Anajak (“Kingdom” in Thai) is a contemporary dance exhibition about animals, the issue of survival in ecology, and the food pyramid. The process of evolution is simulated in the body of performers. Through this process, the bodies develop a kinesthetic memory, that of some basic oceanic life forms, which soon enough leads them to interact with each other in a peculiar, yet quite reminiscent, way. In Kingdom, we explore the animals inside us, while at the same time set up a social experiment that questions what constitute the rule of nature and hierarchy, a system of power negotiation inside this simulated ecology. Will these creatures live in harmony? How will they survive together if at all?

Spine Party Movement

Cast of Spine Party Movement:
Nitipat Ong Pholchai
Dhanabhum Kong-anantaphan
Mint Pavida
Haste SompongLeartvimolkasame
Neil Anthony Castillo Rusia


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